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2017-09-20: SiDiary and iOS11
Unfortunately, we have found out that under iOS11 the specially developed keyboard for entering digits can no longer handle decimal places.
Until we provide an update, you can continue working with the following workaround: please change the settings. Under' More ->Settings ->Keyboard' you can activate the standard keyboard. After that, you will no longer see the keyboard we created when you type, but the normal iOS keyboard.

2017-08-01: SiDiary in a new data processing center

A few weeks ago, SiDiary Online moved to new servers in a new data processing center. In this context, some adjustments were necessary, but these are now for the most part completed. We would like to thank all our users for their patience and understanding towards us at this time.

Thanks to the new servers, we are better able to meet the increased requirements due to our steadily growing user numbers, since in addition to the higher basic performance and failure security, the new servers are also scalable. In times of higher utilization, they can better intercept these load peaks.

In addition, data transmission is now carried out with the latest SSL standards and encryption methods, and it is still cryptographically encrypted during transmission. Also on the server itself all data is stored coded. In the architecture we have also stored strictly seperately personal details on the one side and health data on the other side, so that data can not be assigned by unauthorized persons - even if they could crack it.

Passwords are also irreversibly encrypted according to the best practices (keyword 1,000-fold hash code including random salt). Our system is continuously monitored by security specialists and fully automated with the latest known attacks, so that safety gaps can be detected and closed at an early stage.

SiDiary is now among the few apps that have received the Diabetes App Seal from DiaDigital, because we meet their high security standards and requirements.

With SiDiary you can be sure, that we will spare no effort to ensure the security of your personal data. For this we stand with our good name!

2017-07-27: SiDiary and Libre
Dear customers,
we are sorry, but the company Abbott has terminated the license agreement, which allowed us to read the data from the Libre device directly with an USB cable by using their specifications.

Please read more details on this page:

8.May 17: Move to the new data center
Last weekend the last servers were configured in the new data center and the transfer of all user accounts and all data is currently in progress. In order to ensure the consistency of the data, it is no longer possible for us to start the (emergency) system for the sync process in the old data center. After successful data transfer, we will start directly in the new data center. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

2017-05-03: Sync with SiDiary Online interrupted
Unfortunately we encountered first problems with the internet connection of our online services starting Saturday noon and massive unavailability on Sunday. Our colleagues were able to bring back the online website yesterday and we expect to get back SiDiary Online later on this Monday. We really apologize for this inconvenience and ask for your patience.

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