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SiDiary - Diabetes Management online Check out our new SiDiary Online server for free. Track and analyze your diabetes data and print the log book online with your internet browser.

We are proud to introduce SiDiary version6!
After two years of development we are proud to present a new milestone in diabetes management software. SiDiary 6 provides you with an up-to-date tool of diabetes management and telemonitoring.

SiDiary Version 6 Due to the more user-friendly program surface it is much more fun to deal with the diabetes data. SiDiary 6 represents a product designed for diabetics by diabetics.

Many functions have been optimized, such as the data import from blood glucose meters, insulin pumps or blood pressure meters. Data, which was manually entered and imported from well-established blood glucose meters, can be synchronized between all mobile devices and is available for analysis and statistics.

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SiDiary worldwide for more than 20 languages
English German Spanish Russian Turk French Netherlands Schwedish Italian Danish Tschech Polish Slowakian Greek Croatian Portuguese Bosnian Thai
SINOVO provides native support for German, English, Spanish and Russian language with the headquarter and the sales offices in Spain and Russia. Use SiDiary for your personal diabetes management with your PC, PPC, Smartphone, cell phone or online in your browser. Import data from almost all kind of meters or insulin pumps. Download SiDiary »»»

SiDiary - Diabetes log book built by people with diabetes
SiDiary makes the control of diabetes so much easier. Data capturing is a cinch and analysis will help to improve your therapy.
SiDiary will show you weakpoints which should be improved and together with your health-care professional you can adjust your whole treatment. You can increase the quality of all parameters within a short period of time.

With the program versions for mobile devices you can track and analyse your data everywhere at any time. You will become much more motivated to continue tracking data because of immediate feedback for your readings. The smartphone version enables you to get your diabetes managed even with a cellphone (Handy). This version also follows the one screen data tracking philosophy so that you can enter all data like bg levels, carbs etc. for the whole day on this single screen. Your data will be synchronized automatically to any other device and can be graphed on any machine. Of course you can print your logs for discussion with your physican, but even an electronic data exchange is easy and completed within a few seconds. Please consider that although SiDiary will provide great help for your daily life with diabetes, it cannot replace consultations with health-care professionals! It can replace your paper log but it cannot give medical advice!

Diabetes log book software / freeware for Windows & Pocket PC (PPC) for diabetics.

SiDiary is a diabetes management software (not only) for diabetics. With this application you can track all of your diabetes data (i.e. blood glucose levels, ketones, carb intake, injected basal and/or bolus insulin or pills, blood pressure, weight etc.) on your mobile device (Pocket PC/PPC) and/or on your Windows-based desktop computer. SiDiary gives you graphical feedback about the quality of your diabetes parameters (either on your Pocket PC and desktop computer) and helps to improve your diabetes. In addition to several sums (of insulin, carbs etc.) it calculates an A1C approximate value which is pretty important for each diabetic. Since this parameter is just an approx. value based on the data tracked with SiDiary, it couldn't replace an A1C value taken and analized by your lab! SiDiary can replace your diabetes (paper) log book but it cannot tell you how to handle your diabetes!

All modifications on your diabetes parameters have to be discussed with your diabetes professional! SiDiary cannot replace consultations with qualified health-care professionals! SiDiary have been developed because the very first user and chief developer was concerned by type 1 diabetes and he wanted to track his parameters on a Pocket PC (PPC) as his favorite mobile device. This software is provided for free on this web at no cost for licensing etc (version 4 only!). Feel free to use it, since we hope it helps you to improve your diabetes as it has many others. At least the tracking of data is not that boring as it is using a paper log book. And the feedback of the statistics and graphs should help you to do this more accurate because the higher the data quality is - the better the therapy-quality could become.

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SiDiary received german Innovation Award (ITK)

SiDiary received award at german Innovationspreis"
The german "Initiative Mittelstand" has decorated SiDiary with the Innovation Award 2007 in the category "Data Management". The "Initiative Mittelstand" is awarding this price at exhibitions like CeBIT. More than 1200 companies applied for this award.

SiDiary is "Windows 7 Ready"

SiDiary is "Windows 7 Ready"

SiDiary 6 has not only a lot more functions. It is completely new designed from the scratch to work perfectly on operating systems like Windows Vista and Windows 7. This applies to 32Bit as well as 64Bit versions of these operating systems.

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What users think about SiDiary

Mark (taken from the Forum):
"I just got the results from my last blood tests. In the 3 months since I've been using SiDiary, my HbA1C has gone from 10.8% to 6.1% (exactly what SiDiary predicted for this period). Using your software has made me much more aware of what I eat and how it affects my blood glucose. Your software has really helped me to get control of my diabetes. You have created a great product and I for one really want to thank you."

SiDiary user (via E-Mail):
"Since 2 years I'm fighting with my bg levels. Everything failed to get them down below 200, even a hospital stay. Then I found your program on a diabetes software page and I'm now controlling my therapy with great success. I didn't have those values for years! My doctor is fascinated by this tool and is recommending it to his patients."

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