Update SiDiary

SiDiary will be constantly administered and developed. Please choose which kind of actualization fits best to your wishes. The selection depends on your currently installed version.

I'm currently using version 6...
If you are using version 6 of SiDiary please continue with this free update.

I'm currently using version 5...
In case that you are using version 5 of SiDiary you have the option to update for free to the most recent release of version 5 (Windows PC: 5.1.784, Pocket PC: 5.1.422, Pocket PC.Net: 5.1.68, Smartphone: 5.1.173, Java: 5.0.25.

. On the other hand you could switch to our current version 6 which offers great new functionality and license models. Holders of version 5 licenses are able to request for a coupon code in our Online-Shop to get a sales discount for a version 6 license. Here you can download version 6.

I'm currently using version 4...
If you stll use our freeware version 4 we have good news for you: Our new product SiDiary V6 can be used in a free adware mode too! Please proceed here to update to our new version 6.

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