Now we offer SiDiary in its upgraded and even more comprehensive version!

After two years of development we are proud to present a new milestone in diabetes management software. SiDiary 6 provides you with an up-to-date tool of diabetes management and telemonitoring.

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SiDiary Version 6 Due to the more user-friendly program surface it is much more fun to deal with the diabetes data. SiDiary 6 represents a product designed for diabetics by diabetics.

Many functions have been optimized, such as the data import from blood glucose meters, insulin pumps or blood pressure meters. Data, which was manually entered and imported from well-established blood glucose meters, can be synchronized between all mobile devices and is available for analysis and statistics.

With SiDiary version 6 you are able to process even more parameters than with version 5. Additional relevant data, which has been defined by the user, according to his specific requirements, can also be tracked and analyzed. You can also import data from pedometers or other external software programs. Plus you are able to print reports even more easy than before.

SiDiary 6 supports the co-operation between doctors, diabetes consultants and diabetics. This is a further step towards telemonitoring: the patient is able to send his doctor the relevant data by e-mail or with the DiDiary Online version and release the data directly for his doctor.

Physician's offices and hospitals benefit from a network-compatible version.

SiDiary 6 includes a Windows PC version, apps for Smartphones (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone) and an access to our internet platform. Whenever you wish, you can transfer data from any Smartphone to the online server and from there to the PC version (and otherwise).

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