Translation packages for SiDiary

Language Translated by Native speaker? Progress/Status
Flag English SINOVO V 6.0
Flag German SINOVO Yes V 6.0
Flag Spanish SINOVO (G.Prez-Ramrez) Yes V 6.0
Flag French SINOVO Yes V 6.0
Flag Italian SINOVO (prev. Demelas/Biotti) Yes V 6.0
Flag Russian SINOVO Yes V 6.0
Flag Hungarian SINOVO Yes V 6.0
Flag Finnish Kari Hnninen Yes V 6.0
Flag Czech Patrik Krizan Yes V 6.0 *)
Flag Slovak Patrik Krizan Yes V 6.0 *)
Flag Polish Piotr Benedykciuk Yes V 6.0 *)
Flag Turk SINOVO Yes V 5.1
Croatian Croatian Danijel Tkalcec Yes V 5.0
Flag Bosnian Zaim (Nino) Karamehmedovic Yes V 5.0
Flag Dutch Nico Out (based on translation from Henk Heijligers) Yes V 5.0
Flag Catalan Josep M Juan Yes V 5.0
Flag Greek Wassilis Mandratzis (ret.) Yes V 4.0
Flag Thai Dr.Khrin Emasiri Yes V 4.0
Flag Maltese Daniel Micallef Yes V 4.0 **)
Flag Danish M. Rasmussen / H. Rielke Yes V 4.0
Flag Swedish Pasi Grnberg Yes V 3.6
Flag Portuguese Rodrigo Thomaz Yes V 3.6

We are looking for people who are interested in translating our software into new languages or who want to continue or to improve an existing, discontinued language. Additionally we would like to establish sales partnerships in several countries.

If you are interested in translating SiDiary into your language:
click here to find a manual on how to do so

*) Partially translated
**) This translation needs the font 'Malta'!


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