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An Organization who also promotes better health through education and awareness

A website, who raises awareness on the dangers of addiction and helps parents stay healthy and drug-free for themselves and their children

Flag Federación Mexicana de Diabetes
The official homepage of the Mexican diabetes federation, providing tremendous informations for diabetics with a magnificent and stylish layout. es un sitio que te ofrece información sobre los diferentes aspectos que se relacionan directa o indirectamente con la diabetes. Su finalidad es ofrecerte consejos y herramientas para ayudarte a comprender y a controlar mejor este padecimiento. De ninguna manera sustituye a la atención médica profesional.

Flag Diabetes-Psychologie
Diabetes & Psychologie e.V. - Arbeitsgemeinschaft Psychologie
und Verhaltensmedizin in der DDG (Deutsche Diabetes Gesellschaft)

Flag Maltese Diabetes Association
Our mission is to improve the lives of people with diabetes and to work towards a future with fewer complications and more awareness on this condition. There are over 30,000 persons in Malta who have been diagnosed with diabetes. This number is set to double by 2010.

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