SiDiary and Palm

The most recent member in our SiDiary-Community is the SiDiary-Exporter, created by Lars Hendrichs based on WebOS:

SiDiary-Exporter Settings SiDiary-Exporter Factors SiDiary-Exporter Login-Data SiDiary-Exporter Carb-Entry
Settings Factors Login-Data Carb-Entry

System requirements: a device which supports WebOS like Palm Pre, Palm Pre Plus, Palm Pixi and Palm Pixi Plus with a Firmwareversion 1.3.x and above.

Then you can track easily your data with your mobile Palm and whenever you wish sync with your account at SiDiary Online. From there you can syncronize easily with you local PC version of SiDiary.

The SiDiary-Exporter can be downloaded for free at the following sources:

Or simply with the regular Palm App-Catalogue...
The manual can be found in our Forum. There you can also contact the author of this tool directly if you have more questions about it.

Of course you have furthermore the ability to use Accu-Chek Pocket-Compass or Diabass on your Palm. SiDiary offers import driver for both variants to import your data from there to your PC program.

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