SiDiary Plug&Play on USB-stick

SiDiary plug & play optimally supplements our range of products for mobile diabetes management: This special Version of SiDiary is shipped on a usb stick, pluggabble to every Windows-PC*)

SiDiary Diabetes logbook software on USB stick The logbook opens automatically with your data, which is stored on the usb stick, too. All without annoying installation oder software activation. Plug-In, log your data and that's all.

With the help of our USB stick your diabetes diary get mobile, even without a Smartphone: just plug it in your pc at your desk and log your data during the day.

Take your stick home on evenings and weekend and keep your diary - with all latest data - there. Add new mesasurments like you do at work. Finally, take your stick to your health care professional and give her your data electronically. No misreading, no errors lead to the best possible and efficient therapy.

Soever data security leaves no open wishes. SiDiary plug&play comes with a freely configurable data backup saving automatically your data to any selected pc. Even if the stick is malfunctioning you easily can copy your data back to a new stick after an exchange.

The software on the usb stick includes all functions from the standard versions**). So you can import data from your blood glucose meter or exchange data with one of the mobile Versions. Alle statistics and trend functions are available. If you use the Smartphone App (available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone) for example you can use the plug& play version on any pc, no matter where (Internet-Cafe, at a friend, on your notebook) to synchronize your mobile data or print your data or mail or... .

*) SiDiary plug&play supports Windows XP (without any online functionality, see here), Vista and Windows 7/8/10.
**) At your office pc with restricted user rights some special functions are available after conifguration with extended rights.

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